Time 2 Change Program

The Spring 2018 Program is now closed!

Why Time to Change?

Time 2 Change is a free program designed to help participants

  1. lose weight
  2. reduce body fat 
  3. increase your confidence in achieving personal health goals
  4. give participants the knowledge and tools to continue a fitness program on their own after the conclusion of the program 
  5. improve overall quality of life

Who is Eligible?

Participants interested in the program must be/have:

  • A Student (must be currently enrolled)
  • BMI of 30 or greater. If you are unsure of your BMI find out here.
  • Willing to work hard and stay committed for the full length of the 12 week program

*Program will be capped at first 25 participants*

Program Dates and Schedule:

This program will be held at Belk Gym, Student Activity Center, Student Health Center and Counseling Center and will last 12 weeks.  

  • Personal Training: Each participant will receive 1 personal training sessions a week unless it is an assessment week. 
  • Education Session: Each participant will attend 1 Education Session per week. In these group sessions you will receive information regarding Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness. These sessions are mandatory! 
  • Nutrition Counseling: Individual appointments will be made with University Dietician.
  • Counseling Center: Individual appointments will be made with Counseling Center.
  • Assessments: Each participant will receive an initial assessment (week #1) and a final assessment (week #12). 

Program Information:

This program will focus on individual training sessions led by a Certified Personal Trainer, group discussion sessions led by Professional Staff from Recreational Services, Student Health Center, Counseling, or Center for Wellness, and individual counseling.  You will have the same trainer for the entire length of the program. Your trainer will educate you on proper form and program design so you can learn to design your own workouts and gain the confidence you need to continue a program on your own. In addition, you will be asked to complete workouts on your own with the support and motivation of your peer group.

Within your group you will also be asked to meet with the Campus Dietician who will help assist you with nutrition choices to help enhance your understanding of pursuing your life-style goals. During these group discussions you will discuss weekly challenges, success and ways to stay motivated for the week ahead. The nutritional counseling and individual counseling will be scheduled on an individual basis. We ask that you do make these appointments because they will assist with success of the program.

Finally, we will be tracking your progress throughout the program. We will be tracking your weight, BMI, circumference, blood pressure and resting heart rate. You will be completing two assessments during the 12- week program at the beginning and end of the program.

To Apply:

The application will reopen on January 2nd for the Spring Semester.


Please email ptrainer@uncc.edu.