Mat Room

  1. When the room is not reserved Patrons are allowed to utilize this space as a Fitness Center overflow 
  2. This space is supervised by the Fitness Center Staff when available for Patron use
  3. All participants must enter the MAT Room through the Fitness Center and must have a valid UNC Charlotte ID
  4. Heavy Bags and TRX Systems are available for check-out to use in the MAT Room, please see a Fitness Center staff member to request this equipment
  5. Equipment available for checkout may be utilized in the MAT Room, no other Fitness Equipment will be allowed in the MAT Room
  6. Participants must limit walking on the floor mats with shoes on
  7. Obscene or abusive language is not permitted
  8. Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited, as well as use of the facility under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  9. Personal Trainers not hired or authorized by Recreational Services may not train clients in the MAT Room
  10. Food and gum are prohibited
  11. Drinks must be in a container that can be sealed
  12. Participants must wear appropriate clothing, including a full, unaltered t-shirt with sleeves (long or short, no cap-sleeve) that covers the chest, sides, back, and stomach. Shirt must be free of buttons, snaps, or zippers
  13. No jeans, cargo pants, or shorts with belt loops, belts, or zippers may be worn
  14. Participants must wear appropriate closed-toed, closed-heeled, athletic footwear
  15. Chalk is not permitted.
  16. Cubbies are available to store bags, extra clothing, etc. When the cubicles are full, all participants must use lockers in the locker rooms; Fitness Center staff are able to check out a lock for day use only.
  17. Recreational Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  18. Cell Phone Lockers are available for use.  Please notify a Fitness Supervisor if you need assistance with a Cell Phone Locker.