General Facility Use Policy

  1. All participants must have a valid UNC Charlotte ID or be the guest of a participant with a valid UNC Charlotte ID.
    1. Participants at Northeast Recreational Field Complex (NRFC), Hayes Recreational Field Complex – Field 13, SAC Fitness Center and Studio, and Belk Gymnasium will have their ID scanned upon entry
    2. IDs that do not look like the person presenting them or have poor picture quality will not be accepted 
      1. Recreational Services employees reserve the right to determine the picture quality of an ID card
      2. Recreational Services employees have the right to confiscate an ID if they feel the person presenting the ID is not the person on the ID. 
    3. IDs that are broken will not be accepted
    4. Driver’s License, Temporary ID’s, Military ID’s, class schedules, etc. will not be accepted as a form of ID
    5. Exceptions may occur when the facility is rented by affiliated or non-affiliated groups
  2. Responsibility for supervision of the facilities rests with Recreational Services staff or designee. Harassment or disregard of the directions provided by the staff will result in immediate ejection from the facility and may result in additional disciplinary action
  3. Open Recreation opportunities are available for UNC Charlotte-affiliated patrons, schedule permitting, on a first-come, first-serve basis
  4. Individuals may not use facilities for personal coaching or instructional purposes without prior written approval from the Associate Director of Operations and/or the Assistant Director of Facilities
  5. Organized activities other than those approved by the Department of Recreational Services are prohibited
  6. Only clean, closed-toe, closed heel athletic shoes with non-marking soles are permitted in the activity areas
  7. Spitting is not allowed in Recreational Services facilities
  8. Appropriate clothing is required in all activity areas
  9. All patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner
  10. Recreational Services is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property. Recreational Services highly encourages patrons to utilize day use lockers located throughout Belk Gym. Thefts should be reported to a Recreational Services staff member immediately.
  11. Personal belongings (including all bags and skateboards) are not permitted in hallways, lobbies or activity areas of Belk Gym. Lockers and/or cubbies are available for storage of all items.
  12. Coolers at Synthetic Turf Facilities are subject to inspection. Coolers are not permitted at Belk Gymnasium
  13. All drinks, including water, must be in a re-sealable container
  14. Glass containers are not permitted
  15. Requests for approval to post flyers, signs or posters are directed to Associate Director of Operations and/or Assistant Director for Facilities.
  16. Anyone requesting to take photographs or video in Recreational Services facilities must request permission from Director of Recreational Services
  17. Recreational Services and Kinesiology scheduled activities and classes within the facility have priority. Any modifications of the schedule will be posted
  18. Bicycles are not permitted inside Recreational Services facilities. Bike racks are available outside of Belk Gym, NRFC, Field 13 and the Student Activity Center for your safety and convenience. Bike racks are available for your convenience.
  19. Please note that use of the Belk Gym elevator is restricted to those who cannot use stairs. If elevator use is required, please notify a member of our staff, who will provide assistance with elevator access.
  20. Recreational Services reserves the right to implement any guidelines that protect the health and safety of the facility and its users
  21. The following are prohibited in all facilities:
    1. Metal cleats
    2. Pets (service pets are allowed as per University Policy 704)
    3. Guns, weapons, fireworks
    4. Glass containers
    5. Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs
    6. Golf, or any activity that could damage playing surface
    7. Unauthorized wheeled vehicles
    8. Skateboards or any skating equipment
      1. Carrying a skateboard into a facility is permitted
    9. Grills except in approved locations
    10. Unauthorized food/beverages
    11. Unauthorized use of the facility
    12. Moving of goals, bleachers, or other equipment without permission of staff