Belk Gym Fitness Center

  1. All participants must have a valid UNC Charlotte ID to enter the Fitness Center.
  2. It is recommended that each participant consults a physician before starting any fitness program.
  3. Obscene or abusive language is not permitted.
  4. Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited, as well as the use of the facility under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Personal Trainers not hired or authorized by Recreational Services may not train clients within the Fitness Center.
  6. The Fitness Assessment Room is only to be used by Recreational Services Personal Trainers and their clients.
  7. Food and gum are prohibited.
  8. Drinks must be in a container that can be sealed.
  9. Participants must wear appropriate clothing, including a full, unaltered t-shirt with sleeves (long or short, no cap-sleeve) that covers the chest, sides, back, and stomach. Shirt must be free of buttons, snaps, or zippers.
  10. No jeans, cargo pants, or shorts with belt loops, belts, or zippers may be worn.
  11. Participants must wear appropriate closed-toed, closed-heeled, athletic footwear.
  12. We recommend lifting with a partner whose strength is similar to yours. If lifting without a partner, avoid lifting weights over or above the body; instead use the selectorized equipment.
  13. Share equipment and allow others to use your machine when doing multiple sets.
  14. Please limit cardio machine workouts to 30 minutes when others are waiting.
  15. Utility benches must be kept out of walkway and away from emergency exits.
  16. Re-rack all weights/plates to their designated areas.
  17. Patrons must wipe down machines and benches after use.
  18. Chalk is not permitted.
  19. Weight collars or clips must be used on plate-loaded free-weights.
  20. Perform controlled reps only – do not allow weights to drop or slam.
  21. Olympic Style Lifting is not permitted.
  22. Weights/bars may not be leaned or braced against the walls.
  23. Medicine balls may not be thrown against the walls.
  24. Cubbies are available to store bags, extra clothing, etc. When the cubicles are full, all participants must use lockers in the locker rooms; Fitness Center staff are able to check out a lock for day use only.
  25. Recreational Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  26. Cell Phone Lockers are available for use.  Please notify a Fitness Supervisor if you need assistance with a Cell Phone Locker.
  27. Muscle-ups are prohibited, pull-ups are allowed on Cybex Bravo Functional Trainers only.
  28. Patrons are not allowed to touch lighting structures, pipes, or any other part of the ceiling in the Fitness Center.