Promotional Team

Job Description:
The Promo team reports to the Assistant Director for Marketing and Outreach. The Promo team is responsible for carrying out any promotions for the Department of Recreational Services. The team may assist in creation, distribution, and implementation of all marketing strategies of the department. Individual members of the team will oversee the daily operation of preparation of promotion tables, administering promotion tables, updating bulletin boards, and distribution of handbills and other marketing materials.

All members of the team should be devoted to learning about all aspects of Recreational Services and will be instrumental in the education of other students on campus. A focus on positive customer service and student development is expected in all aspects of the program. Additional duties may include:

  • Possess knowledge of all program areas within Recreational Services
  • Weekly supervision of promotion tables on campus
  • Assist in creation and distribution of marketing materials
  • Distribution of all promotional materials for all scheduled programs and special events
  • Present at Freshman Seminars with the assistance of the Assistant Director for Promotions
  • Provide ongoing evaluation and feedback of efficiency of marketing promotions
  • Serve as general support to the Assistant Director for Marketing and Outreach in all other areas

Educational Requirements:

  • Must be current UNC Charlotte student.

Technical Requirements:

  • None required

We are not currently hiring for this position.